Principals Weekly Notes

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Student announcements for October 2, 2017

Good Morning Straub Students and Staff, and welcome to a new month! In a conversation I was having with Mrs. Jones the other day, she mentioned that we have only 8 more school days before grades are due. My jaw dropped….how can we already be through our first grading period already….it seems like we just started school! But she’s right….only 8 more school days. So be sure that you are getting all your work turned in. When it’s early in the year like this, missing even one assignment can really lower your grade.

As we step into the month of October, I want you to think about something really important. I want you to think about the words you use on others. Do you use your words to build others up, to make them feel more confident and accepted? Or do you tear others down? Are you kind with your words? Do you appreciate how everyone is different, or do you make fun of or put down anyone who is different than you. Some of the things I’ve been hearing about recently make me incredibly sad, and I’m hoping that you’ll take some time to be very thoughtful this week in how you use your words.

What’s happening this week:

We have another full week of activities! Our Volleyball teams face the Leslie Lions tonight and then we play Waldo in both football and volleyball on Wednesday. This is our first home football game. Then on Thursday our Cross Country competes up at West High School. I hope to see the bleachers and the stands and the finish lines FULL of students and parents cheering on our athletes this week!

This is also a special week for our Leadership students, as this is Kindness week. There are posters in the halls outlining all the great activities they have planned for us. Today is National Stomp out bullying day. Schools across the nation are showing their support today by wearing blue. If you’re wearing blue today, make sure to stop by the table at both lunches to get a raffle ticket for some cool prizes. Let’s rmember that in a world where you can do anything, be kind.  I hope that these activities help you think about how you are using your words and treating one another this week. And I hope that being kind this week feels so good to each and every one of you that you make it a habit!

The Wolf Den will be closed today due to a staff meeting.  Please come see us tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday!

That’s it for announcements. Just remember, your words have tremendous power to hurt or heal. It’s YOU who decided which it will be.