It is our goal to ensure every student succeeds. For students who turned in assignments and participated in classes, their grades should reflect well this fourth quarter. For students who have not turned in their assignments and who have struggled to engage throughout hybrid learning, we are here to help. If your student’s grades are below passing or failing, please work with their classroom teacher or counselor to determine next steps. We have updated key information for you.

Grading Information

  • Please check ParentVue and StudentVue to view your student’s grades and determine the next course of action.
  • Grading Day for teachers is Friday June 18th,
  • Traditional grading of A-F will be used. Students will receive final grades each quarter.
  • We will provide feedback to students for their Work Habits in class. We have attached the rubric for your review . As promised here is the  Straub Work Habits Rubric attachment.
  • All assignments will need to be completed and turned-in by 11:59 PM on Thursday June,17th