Good Morning Students and Staff!

And welcome to the last week of Semester I!  Good luck to all of our 8th graders as you study for your finals, and good luck to all our 6th and 7th graders who will be finishing some culminating activities that mark the end of the semester. Remember that it is the SEMESTER grade that is permanent on your record, so if there are any last minute things you need to do to improve your grade, NOW IS THE TIME!

Let’s rise for the Pledge of Allegiance

Here is what’s going on this week:

  • Parent Club meeting tonight…our focus will be to hear from the Parents and Students about how things are going in general and what more they would like from our Parent Club. We will also be discussing ideas of how to spend the generous donations we received from the Mission Church and our Jersey Mikes fundraisers. I hope you will come with your parents tonight!
  • Wrestling is Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so please come out and support our wrestlers!

Most of you have probably heard about the make up days added to our school calendar, but some students have still had questions. We are adding a school day on the Thursday before spring break, shortening the Parent Conference times to just evenings. Then we are adding a couple days at the end of the school year. However, we will not be changing our Promotion and 8th grade dance date. We’ll talk more about that as it gets closer, but I was getting many questions from students about that date so I wanted to be sure I shared this.

Hey, I’m thinking it may be getting time for us to practice a fire drill in a non-structured time…say during a passing time or during 4th period (which is a lunch period one way or the other). Teachers, at the close of these announcements, please be sure to review the procedures for a fire drill during such a time.

I was at an event Saturday night and a community member came up to me to tell me what a wonderful job our jazz band did in their performance in Albany on Saturday. Congratulations for a job well done, Mr. Hall and our amazing jazz band students. Hearing positive things about our students when they are out in the community is very important to me, and you make me very proud!

I was also proud to receive a very positive email from Mrs. Sabine from the high school who took our acting students to an event on Saturday. She said they were respectful and well behaved and they represented Straub very well. Thank you students! You make me very proud!

That’s it for announcements! Let’s get this last week of the semester started!