Student Announcements

8th Grade Promotion & Dance

8th Grade Promotion & Dance: June 14th, 2017
Promotion will be at 6:00pm / Dance to follow at 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Recommended Attire
Button down shirts, slacks: closed shoes / Slacks/Shirt and blouse or dress; flats or heels
Dressing for the Celebration: No shorts, flip flops, or jeans
All attire must follow the regular dress code: no spaghetti straps, strapless or backless dresses (without a cardigan, shrug or jacket); hem lines must be fingertip length when the
arms are extended to the side; necklines no lower than four fingertips below the collarbone; No sunglasses, gloves or hats/stocking caps/bandannas.
Shoes must be worn at all times. It is highly recommended that any student wearing heels to the promotion ceremony have a pair of flats that can be worn at the dance.
Promotion Tickets
Admission tickets will be sent out a few weeks before the promotion.
Each family will receive four tickets. If your family is in need of
more we ask that you contact the main office at (503) 399-2030
for additional ticketst. Your name will be put on a waiting list. If a
family does not need all four tickets, we ask that they return them
to the front office.