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Student Announcements

Support Our Straub Fund Drive

Once a year we put in a great effort to raise money that helps us do things with students that we otherwise don’t have funds for. Some examples of how we use that money are 6th grade Wolf Camp, the 8th Grade promotion dance, some field trips for all students, and teachers write grants for cool items for their classrooms. We have set a goal that each student brings in at least $10, which will mean we raise $6000 for our school, and many students bring in much more. So ask your neighbors and your relatives to consider giving this one-time donation! Money can be turned in any Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, now through October 11. Students who turn in the most money will have a chance at being the Principal or the Assistant Principal for a day. There will also be a prize for the first period class that raises the most money. Teachers will be handing out your packet this morning (9/11/2017) in your first period class, and you can get started right away!

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