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Student Announcements

School Supply List 2017

1)  Get a good binder!

  • Your binder should be 3 inches
  • You can get a plain plastic binder or a fabric one. Some have zippers- those are great too!
  • Plan to keep a backup binder in case yours breaks during the school year

2)  Fill your binder with supplies!

  • You will need the following supplies in your binder:

– Zipper pouch (the kind that clips into your binder are best)

– Box of pencils (have them sharpened and ready to go)

– 2+ highlighters (different colors are great)

– 5 College-ruled spiral notebooks (70-100 pages is ideal)

– Glue stick (liquid glue is messy)

– 2+ ballpoint pens (at least one blue and one black, then other colors are fine)

– Subject dividers (you will need at least 5 dividers)

3)  Get extra supplies to keep in your locker!

  • There are school supplies you may need, but you won’t use each day. These can be kept in your locker instead of your binder.
  • These extra supplies can include:

– Colored pencils, extra packs of paper, extra spiral notebooks, pencils, highlighters, etc.



6TH Grade Wheel would like students to have one 5 subject notebook (spiral) 200 sheets. 


7th and 8th Grade Health: For the semester students will need one subject notebook (spiral) college rule.